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We are providing robotic services with our custom-made solutions. We understand that often customers are unable to buy whole robotic systems for their needs, or just want to test the technology and understand better its capabilities before purchasing an entire system.

We are renting fleets of terrestial and aerial robots as fully functional artificial ecosystems for surveillance, delivery, emergency communication networks, search and rescue missions, mapping and much more. Our robots are aware of human presence, able to navigate either in cities or outside of them, can refuel/recharge themselves and all have individual AI capabilities, even tough they can be coordinated centrally. Below you can find some of our existing services. We provide services mainly in the European Union, but we may be able to offer solutions wherever you are.
Aerial Photography and Mapping

You can rent our drones for power line inspection, filmmaking and mapping. Drones can generate 4K video and have endurance of up to 3 hours for hybrid drones and 1 hour for purely electric systems.
SolarATOM -  Agricultural robot for crop maintanance and defence

The solar ATOM is designed to be used to automatize the maintanance of crops. It has a very long range due to its solar panels, charging during the day. It can be used to secure crops from unauthorized human intervention, and with its onboard video cameras and sensors it can detect soil humidity levels, temperature and the state of crops. The data gathered in the field is then sent to the local base and then transmitted to the customer, which can take informed decisions such that soil irigation and crop health can be maintained at optimal levels.
UAV surveillance, package delivery and emergency situations

Our UAVs are higly autonomous and due to their visual-inertial navigation capabilities they not GPS sensible (a major advantage when compared to the robots usually produced in the world). We have developed a modular design for Neural Circuits, and thus we can provide you with the modules for various target recognition tasks, feature counting and mapping. Our UAVs can alert human operators when specific locations are reached, and are able to fly over long ranges without human intervention. They can be used for executing preprogrammed high level missions, while all the low-level decision making processes are automated. These UAV fleets can collaborate with humans with the purpose of reaching specific goals: finding objects in the search space, alerting humans of unexpected behavior of the environment or simply delivering packages at long distances in real time.
ATOM Fleet for maintanance and guarding

ATOM is the next generation terrestrial robot that can be used in cities or in off-road conditions to secure places, identify abnormal conditions of the environment, observe and alert the authorities when specific conditions are met. With the purpose of being multirole, ATOM robots are designed in a modular structure. An individual ATOM can be used for advanced security and defence missions when the proper module is attached, or it can become a city street cleaning robot when another module is attached. ATOM is also the type of robot that we use for autonomously moving and refueling VTOL aircraft (such as Șoimul) after landing and before take off.

Oneci Aerospace Robotics
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