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Here you can get a better idea on what we are producing at Oneci Robotics. This page contains only short descriptions of projects. You can find more about a specific project by right clicking on its image.
Vrabia Plane

This plane was developed in the Gelb lab during Spring 2018. Features:
  • High structural efficiency (carbon and glass fiber with aluminum joints)
  • Wingspan: 3.5 m
  • Length: 1.7m
  • Endurance: 3 hours (fuel reservoirs integrated in the wing)
  • miniaturized hybrid power generator
  • Visual spectrum cameras
Pionier Hexacopter

This hexacopter was used for AI and control implementations in the MIT ACL. Features:
  • Autonomous navigation in GPS-denied environments
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Double redundance of main subsystems
  • Visual SLAM
  • Endurance: 30 min
  • Radiolink range: 1.2km (field)

This high endurance UAV is capable of flying over long distances due to its aerodynamic efficiency and control algorithms. It features:
  • A high aspect ratio and compact composites structure, resulting in a relatively high cruise speed compared to usual gliders and thus inccreasing its range
  • Thermal Column identification using FLIR cameras, and a unique algorithm that dinamically optimizes the flight path with the purpose of attaining high altitudes and long ranges.
  • Electronic components are integrated on the outer surface of the structure, thus minimizing the impact of fuselage on drag
  • Wingspan: 3.5 m
  • Cruise Altitude: 7 km
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Propulsion system: 2 stroke glow engine (2.5 HP)
Șoimul Hybrid VTOL

This aircraft was developed during my research funded by MIT through the Peter J. Eloranta Fellowship. It features:
  • High level of autonomy, consisting of: autonomous take-off and landing, mission execution without human intervention and autonomous refueling within the Robotic Ecosystem
  • Visual navigation: The video stream is analysed in real time at 25 fps for extracting low level features (ORB) and identifying targets (such as vehicles and human presence using Convolutional Neural Network Circuits)
  • A composite structure, based on fiberglass, with modular assembly: the human transporting Soimul can easily assemble/disassemble this structure in under 10 minutes without the usual screws and bolts. Neodimum magnets are inserted in the structure and thus the components are held together robustly without affecting its aerodynamic properties.
  • Medium endurance of 5 hours. The hybridization system is based on a four stroke gasoline engine generator (6.5HP)
  • Design cruise altitude: 5Km (It can reach 7km under low humidity conditions)
Oneci Aerospace Robotics
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