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Creating the robotic solutions of tommorow
Oneci Aerospace Robotics
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Robots are capable of solving the most difficult tasks in the world.

Find your solution at Oneci Robotics, the place where next generation robots come to life.

A new vision on robotic ecosystems

Modern robots have the potential of doing dangerous and complex tasks that are increasing productivity, human welfare and safety. At Oneci Robotics we envision a future in which robots are used as advanced tools in the most aspects of everyday life including industrial production, education, agriculture, medical services, defense and security.

We design and build a large variety of robotic systems with the purpose of creating solutions that are safe, accurate and relatively low cost when compared to most already existing technologies. We produce mainly autonomous terrestrial and aerial systems, but also have experience with maritime and underwater vehicles. We often use collaborative robotics to solve complex problems that would be almost impossible to solve by an individual system.

Our autonomous systems integrate most state-of-the-art technologies available in robotics: composite structures with innovative designs, advanced embedded systems and electronics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Each robot produced by us starts as a concept for solving a real world issue. Considering our experience and available technology, we come up with multiple potential designs and use computational tools for optimizing carefully the design considering the given production constraints and objectives. Thus we are able to provide some of the most advanced autonomuos systems in the world by efficientizing our use of resources, and our robots are robustly interacting and learning from the world experiences, while doing what you ask them to do.

Whatever your needs, we may have a robotic system that suits you, or we can create a new solution just for you.
Oneci Aerospace Robotics
Codrin P Oneci

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